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Who We Are

SIC Brokerage Limited also referred to as “SBL” was established in 2006 as an integral entity of SIC Financial Services Limited as a brokerage and investment advisory firm. Pursuant to the directive of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana (SEC), SIC Brokerage Limited was established as an independent corporate entity in 2012 providing full brokerage services to both individual and institutional clients.

SIC Brokerage Limited is a Licensed Dealing Member of the Ghana Stock Exchange authorized to operate and regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Ghana as a broker-dealer of the Ghanaian capital market.

The company is also registered with the Central Securities Depository of the Bank of Ghana as an intermediary Primary Dealer authorized to trade on the secondary market in Government of Ghana securities such as the treasury bills and bonds.
SBL is a leading investment brokerage firm amongst its peers which has established key business relationship with some select local and foreign assets and pension fund managers, insurance companies, international agency brokers, high net-worth clients providing them with full brokerage services.

The core business activities of SIC Brokerage Limited are as follows:

  • Equity Sales and Trading (i.e. buying and selling of shares)
  • Money Market Operations (i.e. trading in G.o.G Treasury bills and Bonds)
  • Sponsoring Brokers for Primary Issues
  • Investment Research and advisory
  • Share transfer & Registrar Related Issues


The traders and analysts at SBL have over 25 years combined experience in stock brokering and investment advisory. It’s our desire to serve the investing public in a timely, efficient and customer oriented manner.